Handgeknüpft wolle kazak teppich 316x250 cm Orientalisch teppich

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- Hand knotted tribal kazak-style rug
- Made from hand-spun sheep's wool and colors are made from natural color extracts such as tree bark, fruit, vegetables and other plant sources
- The carpet's colors do not fade over time
- Durable and resistant to heavy foot traffic
- Unused

Note: The colors in the carpet are perceived differently depending on the viewing angle and screen quality.
Photos of the article were taken outdoors in daylight.

What they get:


Carpet made of 100% guaranteed craftsmanship

-1 year warranty

-Free Shipping

-14 days right of return with money back guarantee

- If you have any questions, we look forward to receiving a call or an email from you!
Why are we so cheap?  
Even without effect, we are much cheaper than most competitors. That's because we work on a special principle. Where to get the best quality carpets for as little money as possible. That's because we, as a family, knot the rug itself for centuries. We are not greedy brokers who want to take the benefits of you ridiculous.  They learn us when the product was right there with us, because we produce ourselves

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