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303x202 cm Handmade Afghan Kilim Area Rug Wool Carpet

Item number: 13648
303x202 cm 9.9x6.6 feet
Thickness ≈ 4 mm
Age approximately 0-20 years (unused)
Origin Afghanistan
Material   Wool
Manufacturing Woven by hand 
Also known as Kelim, Qilim, Chilim


Both sides of the kilim rug can be used
Authentic Afghan kilim/kelim area rug from Northern Afghanistan

This elegant, colorful and unique handwoven Afghan kilim rug from Afghanistan is made out of Ghazni wool, which is known as the best wool in this region.

These kilims were dyed with natural coloring matters such as tree barks, fruits, vegetables, and other plant sources creating beautiful combinations of different colors.

Since they were carefully and creatively handwoven, these rugs are timeless and you can even use either of their sides. 

Note:   The colors in the carpet will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from and from the quality of your screen.

- 100% guaranteed that it's handwoven

- 1-year guarantee